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The SHD series of double crank straight side power presses are available in 8 different sizes.

United's SHD-220, 288, 333 and 400 ton models feature unitized construction and prices that are the most competitive on the market today. These presses are floor standing and do not require a pit to be dug into the floor of your facility.

These models are an extremely cost effective way of making high tonnage precision parts.

Lead times are short and custom models can be provided with reasonable engineering fees.

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Standard Features OF Unitized Frame Presses:

Frame: Oversized one piece fabricated steel frames are precision machined on state of the art CNC machining centers.  The frames were designed using computer generated finite analysis  to identify  and reinforce the critical stress points.

Bolster Plate: The bolster plates on these presses are 35% thicker than required in order to ensure minimal deflection, even at full load. T slots are standard and special configurations can be custom machined at little or no cost. Quick die change equipment is available.

Slide: Massive fabricated slide assembly is reinforced to assure minimal deflection under full load and houses the shut height adjustment motor, hydraulic overload protection system and gib lubrication system. A digital die height indicator is located on the ram that displays the shut height in .1mm increments. Buttress threads on the connecting rods ensure even impact distribution.

Pneumatic Counterbalance: Dual pneumatic counterbalances are included on every SHD press to ensure smooth operation under a wide range of loads. These counter balance cylinders are easily adjusted via a regulator.

Hydraulic Overload Protection: With this system the press can never get stuck on the bottom or run during an overloaded condition. This is accomplished with  hydraulic cylinders connected to the ball seats. In the event of an overload the cylinder will de pressurize and the machine will stop and display a fault. The press will now only operate in the inch mode of operation and when the machine is returned to the top position the cylinder will be automatically reset.

United's Hydraulic overload protection system is fully adjustable, simply dial in the amount of tonnage that you do not want to exceed with a knob. This system can also be manually activated with a key switch to unstick dies, just turn the key and the ram will raise a quarter of an is that easy.

Ortlinghaus Clutch/brake Assembly: High quality Ortlinghaus clutch brake combination units actuated by Herrion dual safety valves are standard equipment on the SHD series.

Slide Adjustment:   Electric control of the slide adjustment is standard on the SHD series.

Press Control: State of the art   resolver based system is fully redundant to comply with OSHA 1910.217. This system is located entirely in one console with all of the operator controls. A digital position and RPM indicator is standard. 2 programmable limit switches, programmable production counter, scrap chop output and die protection is standard.

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