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The NCP Series of single point C frame presses are an extremely efficient and compact power press loaded  with features and are available in 11 standard sizes. Every size has a standard variable speed motor and is available in two different stroke lengths and speed ranges. Custom size beds and other features are available with short lead times.

Frame and Bolster Plate:  The over sized stress relieved steel fabricated frame  is machined on late model CNC milling machines  and encloses all moving members. The bed is designed to accept an optional pneumatic die cushion and has a deflection of .0007" or less per foot. The bolster plate and slide have T slots machined into it. The slide  also features standard size shank holes.

Drivetrain: All critical parts of the drive train are machined from JIS SNCM low alloy steel, which is the strongest grade of steel in its class. The connecting rod is machined with a special buttress thread that evenly distributes impact for enhanced duration. Crank shafts are precision ground and ride on automatically greased bronze bearings. Both the primary gears and the transmission shafts use a precision ground helical tooth pattern for low noise and major torque transmission and are enclosed in an oil reservoir.

Slide and Gibs: The slide is guided by huge 6 point precision ground gibs fabricated from a special bronze alloy that is far superior than standard bronze gibs. The slide is equipped with a fully adjustable air counterbalance with surge tank.  The slide and gibs are both automatically lubricated.

Hydraulic Overload Protection: With this system the press can never get stuck on the bottom or run during an overloaded condition. This is accomplished with a hydraulic cylinder connected to the ball seat. In the event of an overload the cylinder will de pressurize and the machine will stop and display a fault. The press will now only operate in the inch mode of operation and when the machine is returned to the top position the cylinder will be automatically reset.

United's Hydraulic overload protection system is fully adjustable, simply dial in the amount of tonnage that you do not want to exceed with a knob. This system can also be manually activated with a key switch to unstick dies, just turn the key and the ram will raise a quarter of an is that easy.

Slide Adjustment:  A digital die height indicator is located on the ram that displays the shut height in .1mm increments. Electric control of the slide adjustment is standard on the NCP 66 and larger presses.

High Quality Wet Clutch is standard on the NCP 66 and larger. United’s wet clutch provides optimal transmission torque with no shock to press bearings, gears or shafts. Friction coefficient is minimal for incredibly accurate breaking in a decreased amount of time compared to standard friction material type brakes. This is a semi permanent device that never needs adjustment. This mechanism is entirely pollution free to meet updated environmental and health concerns. A dual safety valve manufactured by Herrion is used for actuation.

Ortlinghaus combination clutch/brakes are standard equipment on NCP 50 and smaller presses. This high quality German made clutch is actuated by a Herrion dual safety valve.

Lubrication System:  A Vogel automatic pump is connected to the control to ensure that the crankshaft, gibs, slide and connecting rod are properly lubricated. Low pressure switches are interlocked to the control to stop the machine upon loss of lubrication. The ball screw and connecting rod threads are lubricated by an oil reservoir in the slide that has a site gage located on the front of it. The flywheel bearings, main gear and pinion gear are lubricated in a self contained oil bath that also has a site glass.

Optional Equipment: This press can be equipped at the factory with a wide variety of optional equipment such as light curtains, tonnage meters, special controls, servofeeds mechanical feeds, complete coil lines, automation items etc. Contact the factory with your requirements.

Customer Support: A technician from United Power Press will arrive at your facility at no charge to setup the machine and conduct training on operation and maintenance. This includes adding all the necessary hydraulic fluids and lubrication etc. He will not leave the facility until the press is accepted. Full documentation and prints are supplied with every machine, this includes an electrical schematic, installation manual, PM manual and operation manual.

Repair parts for this machine are stocked in Johnston RI: Crank, slide, bearings, gibs etc. for total customer support in the unlikely event of a failure.

Warranty: All NCP presses come with a three year warranty for every mechanical component and a two year warranty for electrics and pneumatics.

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